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Practicing Yoga or meditation doesn’t make us more spiritual if in daily life changes are not visible. Being an organic vegan, lighting an incense, reciting mantras, wearing loose cloth or travelling to India and reading spiritual books about enlightenment are often just a change of attitude to feel superior but this feeling shows that one has been trapped by ego again.

It is the same ego that appears at the back door saying: "I am a vegetarian, aren’t you?!"

In addition, it is ego that underestimates those who are not in the same spiritual path, while the true spiritual path is through introspection and not for the audience.

There is nothing sacred if we don’t feel it inside ourselves, and if we do, everything is sacred.

There are many egos that keep denying and complaining, and don’t allow prana to flow. Denial is the opposite of acceptance; you can’t argue with what it is (or was). How can we argue with that? Each discussion leads to rejection and to loss of balance as a result.

This doesn’t mean that we accept to be hit, our land to be poisoned, the existence of poverty, lack of water, poor education or zoos and animals ’ hunting ... I hope to make myself clear. I have ofte complained about all, and several times, to the government in power at that time.

Mental complaints are an expression of our ego which differ from the real present it is our own ego projecting life. Sometimes it is merely a thought and sometimes it comes out of the mouth, it is the same anyway. They complain about people, situations, time, country, father, son, boss, employees…they complain about everything.

If they go on holidays they always find something to complain about. At the same time and as a consequence of complaints, they demand and claim…

Ego creates diagnoses and states which are suitable to him and help to feed himself. And I understand that when I write is just my ego who is writing, so I'm in trouble as well!! haha. We are all in the same boat.

Everything that I write I have read it somewhere, listened, was taught, I copied it, or memorized somewhere… and maybe something came out or was imagined; anyway, it doesn’t matter. Everything belongs to the pool of thoughts from the noosphere (Noos: intelligence); many times our own thoughts come from outside, and so through this ideosphere, a thought can invade other minds, just by thinking about it. 

Our thoughts are shaped somewhere in the noosphere and they can trigger the potential that other people can use in an unconscious way, being co-responsible of everything that happens around.

If more people think, feel and live in a positive way, they will influence in changing our world, in this relies the importance of a critical mass of positive thinking.

Freedom is sacred, so there shouldn’t be harm to anybody or intention to change others. Changes have to arise from inside, from a deep understanding ... that’s’ why diets or forced attitudes have little benefit.

Ayurveda holds that nothing is good or bad: it all depends.

Everything is good for someone and nothing is good for everyone.

Prof. Dr. Fabian J. Ciarlotti

Escuela Espacio Om


Buenos Aires, Argentina